Will Allen, The Conservation Fund

Director of Strategic Conservation
The Conservation Fund
410 Market Street, Suite 360
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Strategic Conservation Services

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Will Allen’s Specialties:

green infrastructure planning, strategic conservation planning, land use planning, geographic information system design (ESRI ArcGIS), land suitability analysis, cartography, conservation plan author and editor, conservation GIS, GIS modeling and mapping, decision support tool design and implementation, mitigation support, Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) assistance, military compatible use buffer program support


Will Allen is responsible for program and project design as well as management and delivery of customized conservation services for partners that advance The Conservation Fund’s dual charter of environmental protection and economic development. 


Strategic Conservation services utilize a green infrastructure planning approach that helps partners identify conservation priorities and goals, inventory assets, map green infrastructure networks, develop strategies for implementation, and build local capacity for partners to achieve their conservation vision.  The toolkit includes comprehensive green infrastructure plans, design of decision support frameworks for land use decision making, compatible land use partnerships, mitigation support, high quality cartography, and consultation to solve complex conservation problems and design effective strategies that foster partnerships, collaboration, and leverage of available resources.  

Strategic Conservation recognizes that there are limited resources available to identify and protect the lands most suitable for conservation, and therefore, competing values, needs, and opportunities need to be evaluated in order to develop the most efficient and effective land conservation strategies.

Every community is unique, so we provide customized services that reflect each individual scenario. The Conservation Fund draws from its strategic conservation toolkit to help corporations, transportation agencies, military services, city and county elected officials, regional and watershed organizations, natural resource agencies and nonprofits design comprehensive and customized strategies that balance land protection and development.

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